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The Elements Of A Dynamite Novel

The Elements Of A Dynamite Novel
By Robyn Whyte

There are those who will say that a novel comes from your muse. Maybe. I almost might agree. But I truly believe a novel comes from your soul.

If you're a serious writer, you could spend your life in the pursuit of the perfect novel or the saleable novel. And what's worse? Feeling that you're on your way there or feeling that you've already been there and you can't remember the floor plan? I hope to make the natural process to a dynamite novel clear in this article.

The Lightening:

Lightening strikes. You have an idea. At first, it is little more than ideas and characters in your head. Do you start writing? Woo, Nelly. Hold it. Like a fine red wine, you need to let it swirl around for awhile until you come to the full idea of seeing the work (at least the first third) and then you begin.

Write a little and keep going. There are nights and weekends and a lot of family neglect but it is best to get it out. Some writers serve 17 hour days. But that is the requirement to get a novel out.

The Tendency to Rewrite:

There is a tendency to rewrite, to go back and make what is rough indeed perfect long before the middle or end of the novel or story. STOP! You mustn't do this as it goes against the creative process. Think of it this way. The creative process is a lot like a jewel without boundaries whereas the rewriting is a lot like doing your banking. They don't go together at all. Leave the rewriting. Power through to your end.

Don't reread and reread:

Try to find a way to remember where you were in your story. Don't reread say the first sixty pages everytime you resume. Instead, try to find a way where you can make a mental bookmark as to where you are.

The end:

Celebrate the end. Do something with the people that you love and the people who love you even though you shut yourself away to get the writing done. You've worked hard.

The rebirth:

Every novel is subject to editing. So get out the gumption and start by first making a chart detailing the elements of the story:

Theme: Write it down. Does it make sense? Were you going for something completely different? Is there a tweak here and there you can make to get it to be true to your intention.

Plot: Are plot twists perhaps coincidental. Some coincidence is OK but people do want to believe in your book. Make sure to edit out all the parts that will hamper its ability to suspend reality for the reader.

Character: Sketch them out. Is their hair the right color all the way through? Do they talk that way? Is there some sort of growth or could it simply be called a character within a character much like a box within a box.

Setting: Jot down what you have. Jot down what would make it better and do the research. Research is everywhere these days. Sit down and figure out what would improve it.

Work chapter by chapter. Make sure the end of your chapter leads to the next.

When using certain types of point of view, the complete element of surprise would be hampered by the above.

Get to work. Edit and edit. If you really want a company to invest in you, think about what you are going to do to get out there and market it. If it is nothing at all, consider the reality that a smaller book company, one who might take risks on relative unknowns would probably like someone who would market their book. Consider that a bigger company may already have the ability to get your book through channels but if nobody is going to promote it book sales won't last an awfully long time. so think about it and put together a marketing plan to submit.

And finally, consider hiring yourself a professional editor to go through the book with you. But remember in acceptance from a publisher, you may need to rewrite it a slightly different way. But that's OK. Hiring the professional editor in the first place means you'll be well-prepared.

It's a lot of work putting the muse on paper to share but well worth it. Good luck!

Robyn Whyte is the CEO of Stargazer Press where you can find amazing books at

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