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5 Steps Guaranteed To Get You Writing Articles Quicker

5 Steps Guaranteed To Get You Writing Articles Quicker
By Fabian Tan

If you want to make more money from writing articles, it only makes sense to write more articles. Articles are a proven way to generate no-cost traffic online, increase your search engine rankings and build your brand.

Step 1: Write A Compelling Article Title

The article title is the very first thing someone sees before they click through and read your content, so make it so compelling that no one in their right mind would not click on your title and read your content! You can do this by providing the Number 1 benefit of your article in your title. What is the Number 1 benefit your readers will get from reading your information right now?

Step 2: Start It With A Bang

Ask an intriguing question in your first sentence or write something that your reader can relate with strongly. Start it with a bang to get your readers reading further! That's the secret to success in this.

Step 3: Write It Like You Are Talking

The most boring articles are those which are full of jargon, technobabble, or corporate speak. Those are just boring to read! You'd want to write like you are talking, just like I'm doing here. This makes my content more conversational and interesting to read, doesn't it? Write like you are talking to your best buddy. You'll find you'll write much faster this way! And your readers will love you for it.

Step 4: Use The "Problems And Solutions" Formula

For the meat of your article, you'd want to use the "Problems And Solutions" Formula. Write down the problems your readers are facing, then in the next sentence or paragraph, present the solution. Do this for 3 problems, and you'll have a strong body for your article and some great content for your readers.

Step 5: End It With A Call-To-Action

Most readers, after reading something, don't usually act on the steps or the information. This is partly the writer's fault. They didn't call the reader to action! Whether you are trying to help your readers lose weight or get rid of their addiction, tell them to do so in the last sentence. Call them to action or your article will just another footnote in their memory. Get them to act. Now!

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