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Article Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It

Article Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It
By Mike Valles

You have probably already heard about article marketing and now you are wondering if it might be able to help promote your business. Web sites by themselves can draw some traffic but are often limited in terms of successful business marketing or campaign marketing. Of course, that depends on the type of online advertising you are using. Article marketing, however, provides you with a very efficient and lasting tool that can bring lots of targeted traffic to your doorstep - ready to look at what you have to offer. Here are some reasons why article marketing should be part of your online marketing strategy.

1. It Provides an Excellent Product Marketing Tool

Whatever it is that you are selling, the Internet can put the word out faster than any other means. It can also reach a much wider audience, even providing you with a global outreach - at a relatively low cost. You may already know that keyword promotions, such as Google's Adwords, and other cost per click programs, can be very effective also - but they are not cheap.

Article marketing, on the other hand, which also uses those same keywords, is free - except for the cost to produce the articles (unless you write the articles yourself). These articles can be professionally written on the same keywords that your web site focuses on, and they can be distributed at no cost to you and posted online - in multiple places.

2. It Brings Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Once you have a number of quality articles written by a freelance writer - one who specializes in Website content, you have the quality you need to get the job done. Your article marketing starts when they get posted at some of the more popular article distribution web sites. The search engines find them - and they begin to direct targeted traffic to your web site.

3. It Directs to the Right Page

The article itself needs to be written around a keyword or keyphrase which will then direct people interested in that subject to a particular page on your Web site. For instance, if you were selling plumbing products, then you would want articles dealing with all aspects of plumbing. Titles may include things like How to Choose the Right Faucet For Your New Kitchen; or, How to Fix That Leaking Showerhead; to, What Are the Most Popular Bathroom Fixtures?, etc.

Each article leads people to the right page on your web site. The first article, for instance, How to Choose the Right Faucet For Your New Kitchen, would direct traffic to your Web page which provides more information, and some links where your visitor can find new faucets, faucet parts, and possibly books on the subject. As you can also see, a couple of the titles work to get people's attention - and you then provide the solution to their problem - and get sales.

4. It Is Effective Because of Multiplication

One of the great aspects of article marketing is that other people are most likely selling the same thing. You ask, how can that help you? Simple - every web page needs web site content. Since other people who have plumbing web sites (according to the earlier illustration), or blogs, also need web site content, they look for free articles to build their web site faster. Article distribution centers require that the author's name and web page links remain attached at the bottom. This means that for every individual that picks up one of your quality articles - it also provides another inbound link to your web site (at no cost to you) - increasing your search engine popularity.

5. It Works Around The Clock

Each article continues to be a part of your strategic marketing plan and efforts as long as it remains on the Web. Article marketing continues to work to promote your product or service around the clock. Because others will pick up some of the articles - your Web site popularity grows even more with time, increasing your targeted traffic - and profit.

A simple way to get started is to communicate with a web content writer who knows how to write for the search engines (SEO), and who can give you the quality web content articles you need.

By Mike Valles - a home business, finance and real estate writer and marketer. For more information about Internet marketing and tools you can use - including PLR and MRR materials, Web page templates and headers, go to his Web site at: Article Marketing To Go.

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