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Artful Self-Promotion for Writers - Publicity is the Life-Blood of Your Writing Business

Artful Self-Promotion for Writers - Publicity is the Life-Blood of Your Writing Business
By Angela Booth

Many new writers find self-promotion difficult. Writing and self-promotion don't seem to go together. Isn't writing art? And aren't artists above caring about money?

Certainly artists are above worrying about money, if they have a trust fund, a "real" job, or some other way of paying the mortgage. Most working writers however soon discover that if they want to spend their time writing, that's fine, but their writing must earn an income, and so they need to promote their writing skills in order to earn that income.

The good news is that once new writers realize that promotion isn't optional, self-promotion and publicity is a lot of fun. They discover that people who hire them are thrilled to FIND a writer they can hire.

Here are some tips on how to promote your writing services.

1. Promote your name, rather than a "business" name

When writing is your career, it's a mistake not to promote your own name. Yes, you can have a business name, but promote your own name first. It takes time to become a "brand", and once your name is established as a brand, even in a small way, it becomes very valuable. For example, if you've written a book, or plan to write one in the future, to have a name which is known is an asset.

2. It's not the promotion you do, it's how often you do it

You can promote yourself in many ways. For example: via a Yellow Pages ad and other advertising and via press releases. However, what you do is not as important as the fact that you do it. Consistency counts - all promotion is cumulative; it snowballs over time. Create a schedule for your promotional activities, and do something to promote yourself every day.

3. Create a Web site, it's essential

A Web site is essential as your promotional home base. You can post your services on your site, the fees you charge, and your portfolio. Once people have seen your site, they get an impression of whether you'll be suitable for projects they have in mind, and they'll approach you. Although self-promotion can seem daunting initially, it will soon become something you do because it works. If you love to write, your self-promotional activities provide the income which helps you to do what you love.

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