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Discover How to Write Short Reports

Discover How to Write Short Reports
By John Sullivan

Writing short reports has become an effective way to make money in recent years. One of the reasons for this is that it is reasonably quick to produce a short report of around 2000-2500 words. In contrast to writing an eBook with 60 pages or more that requires a lot of research as well as time to write it. The most important things to consider when choosing a subject for your report are there a demand for the information you are offering. It is no use spending time researching a subject and then writing your report if no one is willing to buy it.

There are various methods that should be used to research the topic, including using one or more keyword research tools to see the number of searches made on a particular subject. There are several points to consider when doing keyword research apart from the number of searches per month, but also the amount of competition. Depending where you aim to sell your product, it could be advisable to choose a topic that doesn't have too much competition if you are going to be using article marketing to promote your reports. If using PPC for a very popular subject then the costs are most likely to be high.

So let's suppose you have chosen your subject, and then the next step is to start writing your report. There are various ways to do this. For example you could write two versions depending on how you want to promote the product.

You could write one version as a free download in a PDF format which is the standard format for reports that cannot be changed. You could also offer a Word doc version as a PLR product to anyone that wanted to upgrade. They would then be sent the doc file which they would be able to edit as they wished.

The key to being successful with short reports is to add links in the PDFs that point to your other products or affiliate products. Try to promote other products that relate to the first product that the buyer has purchased. When the report has been completed it is essential to have a high quality cover made to help promote the report. It has been proven that with a high quality cover the number of sales is always substantially higher.

Then probably the most important step is to either write a sales letter or have one written for you. Without a good sales page then it will be difficult to make sales. It is easier to sell a mediocre product with a good sales page than a great product with poor sales copy.

For those that either don't have the time to do all these parts of the process, then probably the best option is to outsource some or all of the tasks. Of course this means that there is an upfront cost but often if you choose the right people at the right prices then this money will be returned from higher sales from someone that is competent in the areas that you outsourced.

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