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Writer Goals - Goals For Freelance Writers

Writer Goals - Goals For Freelance Writers
By Jan Verhoeff

Are you making all the profit you want to make from your freelance writing career? Deadlines loom in front of you and there's more... You must get it all done. Or should you?

It's difficult to meet goals and deadlines you don't recognize in your daily work. But priorities just don't happen right, you can't quite put it all together, there's so much to do, and besides, it'll happen, if you just keep working.

Take it from a writer with experience at meeting goals, and failing now and then... It won't happen if you don't plan it. And honestly, if you don't plan to meet your goals and give them priority status, they just slide by and leave by way of failure. But, how can you overcome a failure? What do you do with projects sitting on the back burner - yet undone...

You can finish them, by adding them to your goal list, or dump them. It's your choice. But make one.

Setting goals as a writer is really just a few simple steps:

Long term goal -

Give the project a working title, even if you know you're going to rename it later. A working title is always easier to think about than "that book I want to write", and you'll grasp a better grip on the project if it has a name.

Short term goal -

Long term goals broken down equal short term goals. You can't do it all at once, but when you break them down, they not only look easier to do, but they become easier to accomplish.

To do list -

This is the part of short term goals that becomes weekly or daily planning. Give yourself several choices, in the to do list. Break down research, character development, landscaping and scenes, or positioning and explain each task on your to do list.

Writers get together to come up with specific ideas at writers' groups all over the place, but each writer needs to take a moment to come up with his own dream. Focus on your dreams at with writer, Jan Verhoeff.

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