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Best Article Writing - 4 First Steps to Make a Profit With Article Writing

Best Article Writing - 4 First Steps to Make a Profit With Article Writing
By Sean R Mize

Article writers are so in demand today! With the success of article marketing, comes a huge demand for article writers who can provide quality articles to webmasters. If you have a knack for writing, this could be your chance to cash in your skills. Here are the first 4 steps on you need to jumpstart your article writing career:

1. Create titles that are attention-grabbing and intriguing. The chances of your article being read depend mostly on how you present your title. If your title is lousy, there is not even a slight chance that your article will be noticed. Great titles contain relevant keywords, they are concise, and summarize the article itself. In addition, great titles have the ability to communicate the benefits a reader can get by reading the article.

2. Learn the basic of SEO. As an article writer, you must know how articles are being indexed by search engines so they can easily be found by online users. Sprinkle relevant keywords on your articles and follow appropriate keyword density. For optimum results your keywords must appear on the article title and on every paragraph of your articles.

3. Do not copy somebody else's articles. Most new article writers think that they can easily put together contents from different websites and create a new article. You must remember that there are a lot of anti-plagiarism tools in the internet today. To keep your credibility intact, never copy somebody else's work. Instead, read at least 2-3 resources and create your articles using your own words.

4. Proofread your articles. Make sure your articles are free from grammar and spelling errors. In addition, check the information and make sure they are factual. The last think you'd like to do is to misinform or mislead your readers.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published ebooks.

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