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Article Marketing - Where to Market Your Online Business With Articles

Article Marketing - Where to Market Your Online Business With Articles
By Jan Verhoeff

You've written about a thousand articles and they're sitting right there in your computer waiting for you to do something with them, but what do you do with them? You can't use them all in your own site, but you want to use them to promote your work. Here are three wonderful places to post those articles for profits in your pockets.

1. Article Submission Sites

Regardless of how many sites you submit your articles to, this recommendation will save you time and effort. Select five of your favorite article marketing submission sites, and ALWAYS submit to those five sites. It becomes easy to keep track of all your articles. You have five backup copies of your articles. And, those five article marketing sites can count on your expertise in your field. Readers come back to find you. Don't disappoint them!

2. Your Website

Whether you publish an unending stream of your articles via RSS Feed, or whole articles in your blog, or links to your latest content, your website should showcase your articles in some fashion. You'll want readers to come there first! Bring them in with high quality content. Keep them with dynamic value only YOU can provide.

3. Submission & Resource Links

Submit your articles to ezine publishers who value your incites and perspectives. By submitting your articles to specific publishers, you may receive monetary reimbursement as a regular writer, but more importantly, your readers will have a resource where they know they can read your work. Perhaps a column in your favorite publication would be a helpful resource for both of you. They get fine content, you get exposure.

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