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4 Ways to Article Writing

4 Ways to Article Writing
By Sean R Mize

Article writing is fast becoming one of the best lucrative jobs in the internet today as million of websites need content on a regular basis. If you are a budding article writer and don't know where to start, these valuable tips are for you:

1. Choose your topic. Writing an article can be easy when your topic is something that really interests you or you are passionate about. That is why it is recommended that you write something that you are most knowledgeable with, so your expertise will become apparent to your readers. Another consideration in choosing your topic is that, it should be something that would interest your target readers; otherwise your effort will just go to waste.

2. Research as thoroughly as you can. Writing an article is like petting a police dog; you do it the wrong way and you will get bitten. Research about your topic and try to learn as much as you can before writing anything. The best resource for your research is the internet but you can also rely on books, magazines, studies, and other researches. The more you research on your topic, the more credible and informative it gets.

3. Consider your target readers when writing the articles. Determine the best writing style that will appeal to them, choose the words that they can easily understand, and pick the information they are most in need of.

4. Write it as interestingly as you can. Finally, when you are about to write the actual article, you should go for an approach that will get readers hooked. As with the maxim "Do not tell but show," you are to paint a picture in the article instead of just telling them about it. Also, make it readable by outlining and proper use of paragraphs.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published ebooks.

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