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How to Write Effective Articles

How to Write Effective Articles
By Kendall Colby

A method to write effective articles will be outlined in the following report. The thing to remember is that only a small percentage of article authors have the natural ability to write effectively. Even those authors require either knowing their subject extremely well or doing considerable research into the subject, so that they can convey the subject matter to their audience. This report will break down the article into a few important sections.

The Headline

Once you have decided the topic you want to write about, your next step is to come up with a powerful headline. The headline is probably the most important part of your article. It has to capture a person's interest or else they won't read any further. The headline should include one or more important words or phrases that are considered action words. Some of these action words or phrases include, but are not limited to, the following:

The Truth of Bargains

Amazing Discover

How to Free

Breakthrough How much

New Secrets of

At last Only

Sale Protect

Yes Generate

Announcing Facts you

There are other power words that can be used, however, the way to tell if they work it through testing. Headlines, like other parts of your ad campaigns should be tested to see what works best.

For content, you can do a google search for similar articles. However, do not copy the articles that you find. This process is to get ideas that can be combined to make a new and fresh article on your subject. For example, if you are writing about dogs, you may want to write about different training methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of those methods.

Before writing, you should make an outline of the article. Then, go over the outline to make sure that all of the points that you want to cover are included. I find that if I take a break before reviewing, I am more apt to do a good review of my outline.

Once the outline has been completed to your satisfaction, the next step is to fill in the outline with meaningful content. Write the article as if you are writing to a friend. Many articles are written by people that have little writing experience. However, on the internet, the reader is more interested in good content than great writing ability. Therefore, your research is very important. Good research will result in good results.

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