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Writer’s Groups

A lot of writers seem to have mixed feelings about writer’s groups. Some feel that mixing with other people who are interested in writing is the way to go, whilst to others writer’s groups, circles and societies are a real turn-off.

I guess it depends on the group you join and on your feelings about sharing your work with others when you’re first starting. Yet writer’s groups can provide a pool of talent that can be learned from and give constructive criticism that can cost a lot of money elsewhere. I would recommend joining a group if for no other reason than to mix with your peers - writing can be a lonely task and group meetings can bolster confidence and revitalise a flagging will.

So my advice is - join your local group or circle. Sure, there’ll always be the one there who knows everything about writing (and has been writing their novel for the past ten years) and maybe one that’s going to put your writing down as a matter of principle - but there are also going to be a lot of people who will be delighted to share their know-how with you and buoy you up when your enthusiasm is about to sink without trace. They are the ones you turn to for advice and, in their turn, one day they’ll ask for yours - because you’re a writer!

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