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The Name of the Game is Fiction Writing

The Name of the Game is Fiction Writing
By Joseph Mclaughlin

The name of the game is fiction writing. Can I do it? Can I develop an intriguing plot? Can I keep up my energy? Can I finish what I started?

I don't know about you but these and many other questions like this are racing through my mind when I begin a new story. How can I wrestle myself to accomplish the goal that stands before me.

Well I have some answers for that. You shouldn't have to wrestle yourself. OK, yes almost all goals are trying and testing. And anything worth having is worth working for. But writing a small 250 page book is so daunting. It seems like I stand at the foot of the Matterhorn. How can I climb such a beast of a mountain.

The answer may surprise you but it is really simple. Inch by inch its a cinch, by the yard its hard. That's right and it does work. Break that monstrous goal into smaller and smaller steps. I'll demonstrate.

Let's say you have a two hundred fifty page book that you want to write. The average book whether you're a fiction writer or not is about three hundred pages. So we do a little math. Two hundred fifty pages multiplied by three hundred gives us a total manuscript word count of seventy five thousand, that's 75,000 for those that like to see the number written out. Now that for any new would be fiction writer is a daunting number. So let's break it up.

If you wrote 250 words a day which is about as much as you talk during your coffee break, you can have 75,000 words written in 300 days. I know people that have spent over two years writing a book, namely myself. My book wasn't nearly that long. Talk about a time waster / procrastinator. I was indeed. But if I had been smart and written 250 words a day I could have had a book written in 300 days and probably less time than that.

Why less time than that you say? It's because its like everything else you try to do. You know what I mean don't you? You know you need to start something but you just can't get yourself to take action and do it. Then FINALLY, you muster the courage and slowly wade into it and within ten minutes of writing, you're off and you can't stop. So the reason I say less time than that is because you will usually write a lot more than 250 words in one setting. Which is good, but don't let that give you a reason to stop writing on the next day like you should.

If 250 words is still huge to you break it up further. I hate having a goal like that personally. A word count goal I mean. I like time better. Here's what I mean. Instead of using a word count goal use a specific time limit as your goal. Let's say you can type 50 words per minute. That's 5 minutes of typing. That's it 5 minutes a day and you've got a book done in 300 days. Come on, I know you can do that. So I like to set time limits for myself. Goal: I will type for 10 minutes on book "Moon Planet" - your book on how the moon was terraformed into an earth like environment. Of course insert your own title in there. That's all there is too it.

The result is that if you type 50 words per minute and don't feel bad and neglect your writing if you don't type that fast. But let's say you do. You type for 10 minutes a day at 50 wpm which results in 500 words. Hello, 150 days later you've got yourself a 250 page book that is ready to be edited into a finished book.

What is the name of the game in fiction writing? Stay at it and you will succeed.

Good luck and keep writing.

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