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How To Turn Your Articles into Cash How To Turn Your Articles into Cash by Jinger Jarrett

I can imagine what it's like to be an editor for a magazine. I'm sure the more popular magazines probably get dozens of articles in the mail each day, and these go in the trash.

Ever wonder why?

Most of these articles get rejected, and they get rejected for pretty much the same reasons articles written for promotion get rejected.

First, the article may or may not be targeted to the audience of the publication the writer is submitting to. This should be your first step in getting it right: target your article to the
correct audience.

Second, you need to remember you aren't writing a sales piece. You're writing an article. An article is information. The purpose of an article, especially when writing one to promote your business, is to provide enough information to get visitors to want to visit your site.

If your "article" is all about how great your product is, then you'll get rejected right off the bat. No one wants to read an article that is really nothing more than hype, or worse, just a review about your product.

Some article directories do accept reviews, and if you want to submit a review, then by all means, write one and submit it. Just make sure you read the guidelines for the website, Don't write a review about your own product. Get someone else to do it. Review others' products instead. Put the link in your resource box. Don't clutter your article with links back to the program. It will get rejected.

Third, are you writing an article or an ad? I see this one all the time. I'm not sure what other people are thinking except maybe they are so desperate to promote their products they don't think about what they are doing when they submit.

If the site asks for articles, submit an article. Don't submit an ad. Article directory owners provide specific guidelines for what they're looking for. If you want to submit an ad, then exchange links. Don't post an ad in article directory.

Have you included the basics, i.e. good writing, good grammar, good spelling? Your article doesn't have to be perfect, just well written. There are those on the internet who think they are the arbiters of what's good writing. You'll get attacked, and sometimes without mercy, if you don't bother to check your spelling, as well as how your sentences read.

Of course, just remember to take this with a grain of salt. They're reading you. Not the other way around. Often, the people who do this are lonely and looking to connect with others. I'm not sure why they think being nasty is the way to do it. Maybe it's their way of making themselves feel superior. Just ignore it.

You can easily correct most of your writing problems simply by using a spell checker, and then reading your article out loud. Reading your article out loud can help you check your punctuation, as well as flow of your article.

Including a solid headline, or title, that makes readers want to read your article will definitely help you.

Finally, always make sure you include your resource box. Your resource box is one of the most important parts of your article. It should be the next logical step for your readers. You want
them to visit your site next. Get them to join your list, buy a product, sign up for a free membership, or something else.

The purpose is to give your readers a reason to visit your site.

Unfortunately, most of the articles I get and have to reject, don't have a resource box added. I have no idea where the article came from or who wrote it. As a result, some very well written articles I would love to include in my directories get deleted.

Don't let this happen to you.

Write a good article. Target your market. Include your resource box. You'll see results, like traffic and sales, from your article in no time.

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