Article Writing & Marketing - 4 Steps to Becoming a Prolific Article Writer and Marketer Article Writing & Marketing - 4 Steps to Becoming a Prolific Article Writer and Marketer by Jeff Herring

Article writing and marketing is a numbers game - the more articles you write and market, the better all your numbers are going to be.

Here are four tips to becoming prolific in article writing and article marketing -

1. Begin - Start - Get Going! - You can't be prolific unless you get started. I know that is no great insight, but it is true. Don't try to get it perfect, just commit to getting it going.

As an article writing and marketing coach and mentor, I have found that what keeps most people from getting started are one or both of what I call the twin P's perfectionism and procrastination.

Perfectionism often comes out of fear. It has to be perfect or it will be no good. I would rather have my near perfect article out there on the article directories working for me full time than someone else'a "not quite yet perfect I've got a few more tweaks to make gonna be perfect some day" article sitting in a computer doing nothing.

Besides, as Jack Nicholson says "Just because you are a perfectionist does not mean you are perfect."

Now, am I saying that you should just throw up any crappy old article just to have it out there? Absolutely not! What I do recommend is you give up striving for perfection (not reachable) and instead strive for excellence (very reachable and a worthy goal.)

Perfectionism often leads to the second of the twin P's procrastination. Procrastination is one of the most powerful forces known to humans. Procrastination can make small things seem large and things that could get done quickly seem like they will take forever to get completed.

Here is my cure for procrastination - the next time you are tempted to procrastinate just put it off. Procrastinate about procrastinating, and get it done now!

2. Get in the Flow - Once you get started and get things going, you need to stay in the flow. You need to keep it going. Write regularly.

For some people, I have found that the most difficult article to write is not the first, it is the second. You complete the goal of writing an article, get your first one done, and then relax. Remember this is a numbers game. The higher your article volume numbers, the higher all your other numbers are going to be.

In the article writing protocol I use, I am not done with an article once I have submitted it to the article directories. I don't consider my task complete until I have begun the next article. At least begin the outline of the next article and save it.

What you will often find is since you are on a roll, once you outline the next article, you end up just moving forward and completing that article too. This is getting in the flow.

3. Find Your Time - Find the time you write the best. It does not matter when your is, just find it and use it to your advantage.

I have two. The first is first thing in the morning. I'm working on this one at 7:30 in the morning. The day is just starting and I'm fresh.

The second is whenever a really great idea for an article hits me. If you are able to write the entire article at this time great. If not, at least write down the idea so you can come back to it later.

Do not rely on your memory alone. The weakest ink is always better than the strongest memory.

Discover and use your optimal writing time.

4. Article Eyes - There are article ideas everywhere, all the time. You just have to learn to look for them. I call this looking at the world and your life through the eyes of article writing, or what I have come to call looking at the world through "article eyes."

It's just like anything else. You notice what you are thinking about, or what is important to you. Several years ago I bought a white van. All of a sudden, it seemed like there were white vans everywhere. There had always been a lot of white vans out there. I was just now noticing them because white vans were now on my radar.

When you keep article ideas on your radar, you will notice article ideas everywhere.

So get started, get in the flow, find your optimal writing time and see the world through article eyes. Do these four things and you can become a prolific article writer and marketer.

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