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Why Persuasive Writing Sells More Books

Why Persuasive Writing Sells More Books
By Kalinda Rose Stevenson, PhD

Persuasive writing is a mindset that focuses on the reader rather than the topic. Writing to persuade means that you never forget that you are writing to persuade a reader.

This mindset will help you avoid the "topic trap" that many writers fall into unawares. What is the topic trap? The topic trap is also a mindset. It is the tendency to think about the topic of your book without identifying why a potential reader would care enough about the topic to buy the book and read it.

In fact, a book is an interactive medium. You might not think so when you spend so many hours working by yourself to write it, facing the blank page or the empty screen.

The process of writing can be very lonely and it is easy to forget that your ultimate goal is to have someone buy and read your book. Your primary objective is to persuade book buyers to buy what you have written. This means that your potential reader needs to be part of the process from the very beginning.

With the topic trap mindset, writers begin with the question: What is the book about? With a persuasive writing mindset, writers begin with a different question: Who would want to read this book? An even more important question to ask is: Who would actually pay to read this book?

Let's fast forward to the scene in a bookstore, when a potential book buyer picks up your book. You have only seconds to persuade your potential reader to buy your book.

The persuasive writing mindset knows the difference between providing information and providing the solution to a problem. We might be living in the Information Age, but most of us are already swamped with information. Many book buyers don't want more information. They want a solution to some sort of problem.

The single best way to make sure that your book solves a problem for an identified reader is to write your book with a clear thesis to address a specific problem.

At its most basic level, writing to persuade requires you to make a case to your reader to solve the reader's problem.

This means that the more you can persuade a potential reader that your book is the solution to a problem the reader wants to solve, the more likely the reader will buy and read your book. A persuasive writing mindset is your best strategy to sell more books.

Kalinda Rose Stevenson, PhD. If you need help understanding the difference between the "topic trap" and writing a book with a thesis, I have a persuasive writing resource for you. My ebook, What's Your Point? A Writer's Guide To The Simple Idea Behind A Great Book provides a simple and clear guide to identifying your problem-solving thesis, which will help you sell more books.

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