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The KISS Principle in Writing

The KISS Principle in Writing
By Dobre Ruxandra

A writer is a very complex person and this complexity that everyone speaks about is in fact the mixture between the style and the information transmitted to the target audience. Writers must always consider their target public and they must do this while and as they respect the four most important rules of writing in general. These four rules are to be taken into consideration by everyone who publishes any piece of writing and they are most of the times related to the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple).

There is a strong and interdependent correlation between feelings and text, as when we regard both we notice that in a multicultural and educated world they cannot exist without each other. People need their feelings to write and also need written words to communicate their feelings. Taken altogether, these needs have gained the status of superior and elevated states of mind.

Writing means communicating in an artful manner. There are numerous features of the technique of communication by words that professional writers always take into account. However, one of the most important of all these rules is the respect for the KISS principle. Even if many writers may have not heard of the name yet it does not mean that they do not actually use the KISS principle.

Keep It Short and Simple! is the advice given to students by their teachers. Keep it short and simple! is the principle that most writers are guided by whenever they write clearly, accurately and in an accessible style.The clarity of a text is one of the most notable elements to take into account when you want your piece of writing to be understood and especially to be enjoyed by the readership.

We may notice that with time, writing techniques and trends evolute fast. However has not proven to be the ruining factor of the KISS rule. As much as their techniques may improve and develop, writers will always consider the importance of this principle as they ought to produce accurate, clear and concise pieces of writing.

This principle was created to last and to help text creators suit their styles and techniques in function of the needs of their readership.

By following the rules of the KISS principle writers will not only be able to control the techniques and the methods of their writing but they will also be able to compose their text in the ideal tone and style that would suit their target public.

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