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Solutions To Writer's Block

Solutions To Writer's Block
By Linda Lin

Writers know what writer's block is, and most have experienced it in their lifetimes. But I feel that there is never a need for writer's block, and I can honestly say that I have not experienced writers block. If I am to take the words literally, it seems to me that this term means that you cannot write about anything, perhaps because you cannot think about anything.

So if you are a writer, how do you overcome writers block? Perhaps the person best to speak about this topic is someone who has never had the problem. Ah, you say, how is that possible? How can someone who has never experienced a true writers block tell other writers how to overcome the problem? I say, exactly. Why would you want someone with writers block to tell you how to overcome it? You need the person who has never had the block to share with you, his or her experience about how they stay unblocked. So this is what I am doing here. I am here, writing, to share with you ideas of how I keep on writing, no matter what.

First, you need to look at life and look at writing in a very different way than you have been looking at it. Most writers, with writers block see their work in sections rather than seeing themselves as the perpetual writer.

Once you see yourself as the perpetual writer, the one who writes continuously and constantly, that is exactly what your mind will instruct your body to do - write! Do you have a writing assignment that are you stuck on? Are you sitting there writing about a topic such as plant life or cooking and you sit there totally stuck without thoughts, without words, without a path to go forward on? That is true writers block. And then you sit, and sit and sit, and you try to get occupied on building your story or article and still nothing comes. You cannot go forward while you are stuck. So take these helpful tips on how to get unstuck and how to go forward with your writing even when it appears you have writers block. These are ways to get around writers block:

  1. Stop writing! Silly right ? But, seriously, stop writing. Get up and do something else. So you say you have a deadline? That does not matter. You are stuck and you will not achieve your deadline by staring at your piece of paper or by staring at your computer. Stop writing. Your mind is obviously told you that you are through writing on this topic, now listen to your mind and stop writing. You will have time to come back to this.
  2. Begin writing on another topic. This gets your thoughts flowing where there had been no thought before. And most likely , in the middle of writing on your new topic, your regular topic ideas will spring forth to you.
  3. Take a long break. You are needing a break if you have writers block. Get up, go somewhere, take a rest and relaxation break.
  4. Call a friend on the phone or talk a long walk in the park. You are free to think about anything in the whole world. Once you relax your ideas will come forward so that you can write them down.
  5. Stop and do your physical exercise. That gets the blood flowing, including to your brain. If you know how to stand on your head, by all means then do that.
  6. Take your computer to the bookstore or to the botanic garden and begin writing in that different atmosphere. Or go to the library and write on their computers. You can put your writing in emails and then pick them up at the library and then continue writing.
Any or all of these ways will help you get past your writers block. What method do I like best? My method for avoiding writers block is to write about more than one topic at one time.

When you take on more than one writing project or when you give yourself more than one writing project, you will almost guaranteed never have writers block. For example, you are writing an article about trees, and you get stuck; you immediately go to your article about nursing homes and you pick up speed writing everything you know about that topic. Once again, you just stop, then you go to your third project and begin writing about lifeguards in New Zealand. And you go on and on like this writing from subject to subject and switching back and forth between the projects. With a process like this you will never become bored. You will not have any writers block at all. Does my system work? Well, you tell me. I just wrote this article about writers block while I was sitting here with nothing on my mind.

Check out the software that is online for you - and you probably can get a free trial for this. I recommend this program called, Writer's Blocks .

Check out this link; this program is excellent for organizing your writing.

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