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Articles By The Bunch - Content Is Not To Be Bought Like Bananas

Articles By The Bunch - Content Is Not To Be Bought Like Bananas
By Marsha Maung

I started my writing career on freelance with sites like GetaFreelancer. If eBay was the site people went to for cheap stuff, then this is the site people went to for cheap services. That's how started my career as a freelance writer... producing really cheap writing materials. There was one time I wrote 100-word articles for about less than $1 a pop! No seriously. But the competition on the freelance writing world is tough...being that there are a lot of adequate writers in this world with a little bit of talent, who can whip out a decent article with a decent number of words, laced with keywords (splattered is more the word) in this world. Particularly countries like India where there are, admittedly, more talents than others....really cheap ones.

I've long abandoned my account with Getafreelancer because I started to have a client base and I focused more on quality these days. But I got curious, one day, and I went back in and took a look at the kind of projects that were being posted in there. And once again, I was sucked into a black hole....a vortex of cheap writing. It's a wet market of cheap services....still. You can see it from the way people are focused on speed and cost.

For example;

"I need 50 articles with 500 words with keywords. More work to come. If good, will assign more projects regularly. Budget is $1 each article"

I am sure if I wanted to, I could do something like that but I think experience have shaped me out as a writer. I've found my niche in the freelance writing world and I am no longer the kind of writer who focuses on nothing but speed and cost. You see, in the freelance writing world, people are often focused on pasting their web pages with 'articles' or 'web copy' filled with keywords to bring in the search engines. The main focus is on the 'search engines' and not the 'readers'. I guess, in a lot of ways, I've changed my focus. Instead of focusing on the 'search engines', I've decided that I write for BOTH. No longer is the case that I write a WHOLE BUNCH of articles about a particular topic, paste the keywords aimed at attracting the search engines.

Does it matter that you're repeating yourself in the article? Does it matter that the tone is as flat as a pancake? Nah... not a bit. Does it matter that all the articles are basically doing a roundabout, going in circles, addressing no one and nothing in particular? Nope. Remember, cheap freelance writing is like that. It's odd and off, but it's like that.

Today, after writing for close to ten years and with the introduction and increasing popularity of blogs, people should change their mindset. I mean, it's important to have content on your website...WORDS, WORDS and MORE WORDS with KEYWORDS but it's more important to hire a freelance writer who can deliver quality content for your blogs. Yes, you want to bring in the traffic through search engines but you also want to KEEP YOUR TRAFFIC. I hired a writer based in India once and it was a harrowing experience. Not that he wasn't any good or slow. He was FAST and I was happy with that but his articles were flat and sometimes made no sense. The articles were the kind of stuff I used to write - written with eyes closed and mind off somewhere in the Bahamas! Therefore, before I submitted the articles to my clients, I had to claw my way through the articles and rewrite a lot of them.

I think these people posting their projects on Getafreelancer are focused on too narrow a path. Their focus should be to bring and keep the traffic with good quality content. I have to say it's hard to find a freelance writer like that but it's not impossible. People have forgotten on the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal should not be 'to be seen' but it should be 'to be seen by the right people' and in this case, the right people are the ones who are interested in what you have to offer...which are people with buying power. Having millions and billions of hits is not going to do Amazon any good either; but having 10,000 hits a month from interested customers is more important for a giant site like that. And that works out the same for you too.

Therefore, articles are not to be bought like a bunch of bananas, folks. Articles are to be picked out one by one... like fresh, ripe tomatoes and cherries. Each and every article has to be fine art... well, at least the articles should all be fresh, interesting, unique, original and useful for the readers.

Marsha Maung is a Malaysian freelance writer with more than 8 years of experience in the search engine optimization, blog content writing industry. Today, she resides in Selangor, Malaysia with her family ready to propel your business to the next level with high quality professional freelance writing service. For more information, visit - Or take a peek into the world of a Malaysian freelance writer by visiting her blog at

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